*Laser cuts up to 5/8"

*Laser cut Up to 1/4"
*Laser cut up to 3/8"
Our large inventory is just one way we've organized our resources so
that we can consistently provide the highest quality and fastest turn-
around available.  All orders are nested to achieve the best material
utilization and by combining orders we're able to reduce material waste
while reducing set-up times for everyone's benefit.

  • Laser Tolerances +/- .005" (on most thicknesses)
  • Many different types of material available including diamond
    plate, spring steel, pre-hardend steel, screening, etc.
  • Most materials in stock or available next day.
2D CAD Design

Acceptable files include DXF, DWG, IGES, TIF, and PDF.
Door to Door Delivery!
Boxed, Banded, Palleted, and Shrinkwrapped for safe delivery.
R.E.D. Laser , Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 registered and can
provide you with consistent high quality, on time delivery,
and cost competitive prices.

We maintain the highest quality standard including, first
part inspection and buy-off, random mid-production
inspections, and final production inspections to ensure
all parts are to print before production runs and
The many advantages CO2 Laser cutting provides are well established
in the metal working industry.  Aside from speed, accuracy and high
repeatability, lasers produce the cleanest, smoothest edges.  Even
though the process is a thermal cutting method, the heat-affected zone
is typically small and easily managed.  The tightly focused laser beam
removes very little material allows intricate cutting and close nesting
of parts.  

We operate a 2000watt CO2 laser that offers you countless
advantages over punching, plasma cutting, and shearing.

  • Design Freedom: We can fabricate large and complex shapes more
  • Cut Quality: Save on refinishing because our TruCoax laser
        produces excellent edge quality.
  • Cutting Speed: Each part is cut quickly and efficiently.